How To Reinforce Your eBay Account Sales

eBay launched its search engine algorithm Cassini in the year 2013.

 eBay wants everybody to win in its marketplace, that's why it keeps this restriction and this cause the invade of Cassini 

The regulations particularly enforce more restriction on the ebay sellers and most sellers faced  a drop in page views.

Cassini motto ensures better customer experience and matches the  listings according to the buyers previous searches. 

The search algorithm gives preferences for the sellers who have quality results and good feedback rather than quantity. 

Let's discuss here about how to strengthen the ebay sellers revenue

Upload 8-12 photos 

eBay allowed eBay sellers to list totally 12 pictures free of charge.

Take clear picture and upload in your listing

If you feel that you don't have more photos then feel not to worry

But ensures to upload  atleast 8-12 photos 

Provide 30 Day Return Policy

Providing 30-day or longer return policy will increase a goodwill in your listing search. 

And be aware that Cassini punishes  the users who have less number of   dates in the returned policy.

Keep Clear Titles

In the provided space for the title try to write a neat and clear explanation about your product. 

Use the keywords in the title which is relevant to the title, and put the words in the same order a buyer would.

Avoid category stuffing

Try to  avoid irrelevant items  stuffing in the eBay product listing

Place each item individually on its relevant category 

Complete All Items

Complete all the specific items in your items like color, brand, size, style, country of manufacture. 

Use Markdown Manager

eBay stores have a special  feature called Markdown Manager

It helps the Sellers to run their sales on entire categories or just certain items. 

Once you start moving to the top, you will sell more, and then be rewarded for selling more, and the cycle improves. 

Reset Your RSS Feed

Cassini, eBay's search engine  likes only the fresh content.

Inorder to fulfill Cassini regulations, just refresh your RSS feed frequently, it make your listings to appear higher in the search results.

Properly maintain Your Account

Cassini gives importance to healthy accounts.

Healthy eBay account  includes positive feedback, top-rated status, detailed seller ratings, customer service and disputes history, communication, and shipping time. 

If you want to get a sale of your listing immediately, then respond to customer questions ASAP..

Frequently check your eBay Seller account Dashboard. 

The seller dashboard allows you to download a report showing the transactions with defects, with this you can easily address errors and take safety measures to avoid the same errors in the future. 


List One Item Per Day

Try to list one new item per one day. 

New listings appear on the top of the “eBay Newly Listed” search on eBay.

If you have no time then use scheduling feature, this feature helps you to schedule your listing 

Place A Same Day Dispatch Banner

Dispatch banners on your eBay listings will help your products to move on to call to action. 


Use promoted listings

Promoted listings, also referred to as eBay sponsored products, are generally called as eBay ads.

Before launching the campaigns, vendors selling on eBay determine what they have  fixed in the listings and how they have to  promote and also how to  set their preferred ad rate .

Promoted listings increase the visibility of items and is excellent for reducing long-sitting inventory and increasing sales. 

Moreover it increases the exposure by up to 30%. But this will be applicable only to Top rated sellers.


Use Email Marketing

EBay offers a suite of email marketing features

It help the sellers and buyers to have long term connection 

Ask buyers can subscribe your product listings thereby letting them know they will  receive updates 

Shoot the emails whenever you launch new product, provides special offer/announcements

Using eBay’s email design tools, you can create regular newsletters that promote your latest listings. 

To attract more subscribers, you can add a sign-up box to your store.


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