How To Protect Your eBay Account

The popular auction eBay website was launched in 1995 and became a sensation among the online shoppers.

eBay is an online community of people where buying and selling things takes place via the bidding process online. 

Ebay listed millions of items on its website site for purchase 

It includes appliances, computers, decors, equipment, collectibles,shoes, furnishings, domain names, vehicles,furnishings, apparel, jewelry and more. 

You can also find your item new or used in a range of prices. 

And PayPal the payment provider system of eBay has been added as a protective features over the years

eBay likes to ensure a safe payment in the process of online shopping for the purchasers. 

SInce it has advanced technology the eBay sellers struggle to sell in the top most online shopping countries of the US and UK.

Yup! After opening  your account with eBay, you want to familiarize yourself with the various tools offered.

However, there are some safeguards features where you can utilize them to make sure you get the item you paid for.

The three most important are: 

  • No Of User Feedback, 
  • Security Center
  • Bidding Histories. 

eBay User’s Feedback

Next to the Seller’s information, you may notice eBay Feedback

eBay User feedback allows the previous buyers to comment on their buying experience with the eBay seller. 

Comments can range from “great service and quick response time” to “products were of poor quality” and more. 

Positive Ranking- It increase eBay sellers rating to 1%

Negative Ranking- It decrease eBay sellers rating by 1%

Neutral Ranking- No change occurs in the eBay sellers rating

Security Centre

eBay monitors its users with the help of security centre features. 

The main purpose of the eBay security center is to watch its every sellers obeying its algorithm rules or not

It  records the user’s IP address in order to find its sellers whether they use multiple accounts in order to manipulate auction prices.

Bidding History 

The Bidding History shows which auction  bidder has bid so that everything is public knowledge.

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